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Download PC-BSD 9.1-RC2

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Joshua Smith mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis kedua PC-BSD 9.1:

PC-BSDThe RC2 images for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 are now available for i386 and amd64 architectures. This release candidate provides both users and developers a means to test out new features in the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 release. This snapshot may contain buggy code and features, so users are encouraged to run it only on non-critical systems. Changes since the previous release: fixed multiple bugs where mice freeze or behave incorrectly; fixed language selection to be displayed as native language; compatibility improvements for PS2 mice; fixed time-out issues with external DVD / USB drives; updated system proxy paths and functionality; updated sound detection functionality; added MP3 and OGG encoders to CD rippers; added detection for NVIDIA Optimus systems….

Untuk informasi lebih detail anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis. Download PC-BSD 9.1-RC2:

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