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Download Parted Magic 2011_11_24

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Patrick Verner merilis build stable baru Parted Magic, versi 2011_11_24:

Parted MagicParted Magic 2011_11_24. There are some major changes that might cause some issues with the multi-boot CD crowd. For a long time the pmagic-.sqfs and Initramfs would not be found on completely supported computers. Reason 1 – this was caused by Windows based zip programs failing to convert the file names properly. Reason 2 – I wasn’t using the mkisofs -J option when making the official ISO images. Reason 3 – Somebody would remaster the ISO image and not use the mkisofs -l option. Major bug – there was a dummy file mistakenly left in /usr/local/bin that caused the secure erase command to fail, it has been removed. Updated programs – lilosetup, TestDisk 6.13, Linux kernel 3.1.2.

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