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Download Mythbuntu 11.10

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Versi 11.10 Mythbuntu, varian resmi Ubuntu spesialis media centre yang mengintegrasikan MythTV media center didalamnya, telah dirilis:

MythbuntuMythbuntu 11.10 has been released. It is very important to note that this release is only compatible with MythTV 0.24 systems. Highlights: MythTV 0.24; Chromium installed instead of Firefox; no Bluetooth support (by default) in NetworkManager; no fglrx install during installation; Mythbuntu-bare scheduling now available for backups; Android and iOS devices can now be used as remote controls; recent snapshot of the MythTV 0.24 release is included; preview of the upcoming MythNetvision plugin; Mythbuntu theme fixes. Known issue: If upgrading and you have MythStream installed please remove it before upgrading as MythStream is no longer supported.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rils.

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