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Download Incognito Live System 0.9

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Versi terbaru Incognito Live System (juga dikenal sebagai “Tails”), distribusi Live berbasis Debian yang memiliki tujuan menyediakan lingkungan internet anonim bagi penggunanya, telah dirilis:

Incognito Live SystemThe Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.9, is out. Notable user-visible changes include: Tor upgrade to, this fixes CVE-2011-2768 and CVE-2011-2769 which prompted for manual updates for users of Tails 0.8.1; suppress Tor’s warning about applications doing their own DNS lookups; Linux 3.0.0-6, which fixed a great number of bugs and security issues; upgrade Iceweasel to 3.5.16-11; Torbutton upgrade to, including support for the in-browser ‘New identity’ feature; FireGPG upgrade to 0.8-1+tails2, users are notified that the FireGPG Text Editor is the only safe place for performing cryptographic operations and these operations have been disabled in other places.

Anda dapat membacapengumuman rilis untuk changelog lengkap rilis ini.


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