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Download Edubuntu 11.10

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Edubuntu 11.10, varian Ubuntu yang dioptimisasi untuk penggunaan dikelas, telah dirilis:

EdubuntuThe Edubuntu development team is really proud and happy to announce that Edubuntu 11.10 has now been released. This release brings a refreshed desktop environment based on Ubuntu’s Unity while still offering you easy access to the familiar classic GNOME environment (through the GNOME fallback mode). Additionally, this release brings you: new updated version of LTSP Live, translated in multiple languages; updated installer featuring translations in over 25 languages; a new version of Gobby, the collaborative text editor, now at version 0.5; the latest and greatest version 2 of gbrainy; a refreshed user interface, now based on Unity by default and featuring a different icon theme and wallpaper.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis.

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