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Download Cinnarch 2012.10.01

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Alex Filgueira mengumumkan rilis Cinnarch 2012.10.01. Seperti namanya, distro ini adalah distro Linux berbasis Arch Linux yang menampilkan Cinnamon (form GNOME Shell) sebagai desktop grafis. Distro ini juga menyertakan image Live CD dengan program instalasi sederhana berbasis teks. Dari pengumuman rilis:

CinnarchCinnarch 2012.10.01 released. Changelog: systemd as a system and service manager, no initscripts, the boot process is now faster with the parallelization capabilities; Welcn, the new welcome screen for Cinnarch is present, but the graphical installer button is de-activated; quiet boot; CLI installer – other operating systems added to GRUB, fixed Intel drivers in Lenovo laptops; cinnarch-wallpapers now contains some wallpapers from deviantART; changed the default wallpaper; packages – Linux kernel 3.5.4, Cinnamon 1.6.1, LightDM 1.3.3, Xnoise 0.2.11, Pantheon-files 0.1, Hotot, Chromium 22.

Download Cinnarch 2012.10.01 (MD5):

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