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Download Chakra GNU/Linux 2011.10.26

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Phil Miller mengumumkan build pengembangan baru Chakra GNU/Linux. Versi 2011.10.26 merupakan build pengembangan persiapan rilis stabil selanjutnya. Dari pengumuman rilis:

Chakra GNU/LinuxThe Chakra development team is proud to announce the second release of ‘Edn’, Chakra GNU/Linux featuring Linux 3.0 and KDE 4.7. As announced after the last team meeting, this is a regular scheduled release, approximately 7 – 10 days after a new version of KDE is announced. Besides the latest KDE, this release features an updated toolchain and a split of Qt and QtWebKit, thus enabling HTML 5 and WebGL support for Qt/KDE web browsers. With this release we offer: KDE 4.7.2, Linux kernel 3.0.7, GCC updated to 4.6.1, glibc to 2.14.1….

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