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Download AVLinux 5.0.2

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Glen MacArthur mengumumkan rilis AVLinux 5.0.2, versi update dari distribusi berbasis Debianyang menampilkan koleksi piranti lunak audio dan video:

AV LinuxAn updated ISO (5.0.2) for the AV Linux 5.0 series has been released with a new kernel, a few bug fixes, updated applications and enhancements. Trulan Martin has worked very hard to provide a 3.0.6 kernel with an important SMP -rt scheduling patch, M-Audio Fast Track Pro support, ATI mode setting switched on and some extra security features. On the application side the Audio menu has grown to include Mixxx 1.9.0 for DJs, MuseScore 1.1 for sheet music scoring and XCFA for audio conversions. The Video menu has been heavily re-worked to provide the best possible out-of-the-box experience with Cinelerra 2.1.5CV, OpenShot 1.4.0, Kdenlive 0.8.1svn and LiVES 1.4.7.

Anda dapat membaca lebih lengkap informasi mengenai rilis ini pada pengumuman rilis. Unduh:

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